Benifits for WestHills Community

  • A state of the art 400,000 Gallon water tank fire hydrant utilizing gravity as a dependable source of water pressure and modern design to increase water capacity of the water tank.

  • A vegetated, irrigated and monitored fire resistant buffer zone or FMZ (Fuel Management Zone's) of mostly 200' around the proposed homes to shield existing homes from wild fire.

  • A the skill set composed of a range of various industry experts to collaborate, design and specify a fire protection plan to assure significant reduction in building to building inferno. It's result is an overall decrease in exposure for the existing homes by increasing separation from potential encroaching wildfires, notably on Randiwood, upper Kittridge and Vickiview.

  • An increase in fire insurance coverage availability for most homes and decrease in premium cost resulting from increased separation from flammable native vegetation.

  • Elegantly fencing and gating the land thereby eliminating unwanted 'hikers' loiterers and gang members roaming the neighborhood in odd hours at will.

  • Controlled access to the new exclusive parkland and nature preserve for you and your loved ones.

  • An effort to landscape the unsightly plowed and the scarred bluff in above of Randiwood.

  • A Main entry beautification by landscaping the medians of Valley Circle Drive south and north of Kittridge St Intersection.

  • A likely increase in existing property values as a product of the standard real estate appraisal practice of “comps” in the immediate area.

Looking for more information? Click one of the diagrams below to learn more about the property specifics of the WestHills Crest Homes' architecture and development.

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