Fire Safety

Major new water storage tank for a dependable gravity supply and increased water storage, pressure and flow for the existing homes. The current fire protection hydrant system on Randiwood lacks sufficient pressure and volume. Noted experts collaborated to design and specify Fire resisting a fire protection plan and special features, assuring significant reduction in building to building inferno.

Decreased exposure for the existing homes by increasing separation from potential encroaching wildfires, notably on Randiwood, upper Kittridge and Vickiview.

Increases fire insurance coverage availability for most homes and decrease in premium cost resulting from increased separation from flammable native vegetation.

100’ and 200’ of Fuel Management Zones, FMZ, around proposed homes, will provide valuable shield for existing homes from wild fire. State of the art ignition resisting building features assure significant protection for the nearby existing homes by reducing potential building conflagration. Increase in available fire insurance coverage programs and decrease in premium cost. Especially vegetated, irrigated and monitored Fire resisting buffer Zone of mostly 200’ around the proposed homes, will shield existing homes from wild fire.

WHC FlamMap Fall Fire Compare

WHC FlamMap Summer Fire Compare

DRAFT FlamMap Flame Length Fall

DRAFT FlamMap Flame Length Summer

West Hills Fuel Models

FlamMap WestHills

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