Water Tank Fire Hydrant

New 400,000 gallon 55’ Dia x 30’ H water storage steel tank will provide a reliable gravity water supply with increases in pressure and flow within existing homes. Currently the community is served by pumped water system with insufficient pressure for some of the homes along Randiwood Ln which rely on auxiliary water pumps for their second story bath. In the past Wildfires and in future, without the tank, lack of any water pressure in the fire hydrant leaves these houses in eminent danger.

100’ and 200’ of Fuel Management Zones, FMZ, around proposed homes, will provide valuable shield for existing homes from wild fire.

State of the art ignition resisting building features assure significant protection for the nearby existing homes by reducing potential building conflagration. Increase in available fire insurance coverage programs and decrease in premium cost.

Water Service Statement

Conditional Statement of Water Service

STCI Presentation


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